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Designing our jewelry line is a team effort. We unite our feminine and masculine influences into our jewelry to create distinct and fresh styles for the world to enjoy. We often use the traditional pencil and paper to sketch our concepts, other times finished pieces are created directly on the bench. Ultimately, we live to create works that inspire and resonate with like minded creatures.

About Our Leather


Most of our metals are sourced from a dedicated, reliable source in the USA. Our gemstone cabochons are cut and polished on site whenever possible. When we cannot source raw material, we search the globe for finished gemstones that are unique and speak to us through their natural beauty. All of our gemstones are natural and unaltered with the exception of our synthetic opals that quite frankly are some of the most beautiful manmade creations we have ever seen. 


Kevin Kroupa has spent over 20 years mastering metallergy as an architectural metalsmith. It is with these skills he leads the production of Kroupa Collection's wares, ensuring each piece has been constructed and finished with the highest levels of craftsmanship. Every solder joint, every applied patina is approved by his discerning eye.

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