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Kroupa collection’s jewelry incorporartes individually handcrafted pieces and small batch cast objects. Most pieces are sterling silver, some are composed of mixed metal including bronze, copper and gold.  When possible, the Kroupas enjoy cutting and polishing their own gemstone cabochons. Each finished piece of jewelry has been made with love, created by skilled hands in Bucks County, Pa.



Kroupa Collection is a husband and wife team of silversmiths creating handcrafted jewelry. Inspired by their life together, the Kroupas let the magic of their home in Bucks County PA and their frequent time spent in the low country of South Carolina direct the feel and look of their designs. By combining decades of experience and talents, the Kroupas are driven by a passion to  produce well made, distinct styles of wearable art.

In addition to being a silversmiths, the Kroupa  also enjoy creating sculpture, furniture and creepy art. Their passions include art collecting, spending time in nature, flea marketing, traveling and all things that involve best friend Mad Max Thunder Dog.

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