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Your favorite earrings have just arrived! Introducing the Sterling Silver Lace Chandelier Earrings from Kroupa Collection. These earring are so detailed with beauty we let the shape & texture of the lace stand alone.  We finished the look with a high polish of the silver to shine off your ears.


Each earring begins its life as a piece of vintage lace that was made in a factory along the Delaware River in New Jersey. This lace was dry rotted from age and unable to be used for fabric application. To preserve this historic trim we reproduce the lace into sterling silver through a casting process. Due to a sometimes challenging production process, these are available in limited quantities. 


Proudly handcrafted from sterling silver in Bucks County PA, each piece is made lovingly with attention to detail and the highest level of American made craftsmanship.


  • Sterling Silver Vintage Lace Chandelier Earrings
  • Ear wires
  • High Polish 
  • Measurements: 1 X 2.1"


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